I|O - Information Oracle

oracle shots
ppl using oracle
The Creators
2014 MFADT Thesis Symposium - click below to play
Map of the User Interaction
Preliminary Interaction Mockup
oracle mockup


What began as an inquiry into the questionable operations of government surveillance and our data-driven market economy, became an exploration with our relationship to the whole digital information apparatus. The widespread adoption of digital computers and networks have made information a 'limitless' source of economic, political and personal opportunity to the extent that we have fervently followed its promise of great return. The Information Oracle exists in this new mythology - a being with a programmed intelligence, who interprets the binary mysteries of the data mythos and lauds the likes of Claude Shannon, Alan Turing, Ada Lovelace, Charles Babbage and others; the creators of computation, programming and 'Information Theory'. The 21st century has now been consecrated to this digital will and it is in this landscape that it breeds a new mediator.


Developing the user interaction involved research into the user scenarios of divination systems. Large swaths not only base their dispensations on their own internal logic, but also implement a wide variety of social engineering methods to gain an immediate insight into the user. Constructing a program with some intelligence was therefore necessary. The Information Oracle performs a simple decomposition / reassembly / ranking algorithm that enables the creation of a personality and a way to respond to the user. As shown in the interaction map below, the binary input of a user's personal information is linked to keywords found in the oracle-user conversation. From those matches, an official oracular response is determined.

Project Info

  • Materials: UX, JavaScript, Installation Components
  • Exhibited at the MFADT 2014 Thesis Exhibition.
  • Part of the thesis project: Datumz & Deities.
  • Thesis advisors: Colleen Macklin, Barbara Morris