Mind Mirror

Mind Mirror installation setup
Documentation of Mind Mirror participants
Documentation of Mind Mirror participants
Documentation of Mind Mirror participants


How does our state of mind affect our self-awareness? Mind Mirror is an artistic meditation on such questions. A user's shifting brain waves are used to modulate their self-image. The more one is able to remain calm and as well as reach an attentive state, the clearer their portrait becomes. As in Alvin Lucier's 'Music for Solo Performer', a feedback loop is created, such that the user is able to experience the effects of their concentration and modify their state of mind to visually change the output. The viewer's portrait in a virtual mirror demonstrates a multiplicity of possible photonic states and the image in Mind Mirror is a variable double portrait that reveals both the viewer's portrait and his or her changing internal states of mind.


The first prototype was built with the most primitive EEG, where we soldered leads and used an arduino to access the hardware. Readings from the EEG would be fed via serial into a visual particle algorithm, where the particles would visually quantify the sensor's readings. For the second iteration we upgraded to better hardware and used its SDK to access the device wirelessly. The most recent iteration added a projected wall in front of the user so that they can interact in a more immersive environment. The participants were shown a simple prompt and immediately recognized the connection between the device and the nature of the interaction.

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