Distilled Interaction



The American consumerist culture is involved in what I call the Triple A's; additive, augmenting, and amplifying. Therefore, distillation, or the stripping away of things, would run contrary to much of what we encounter on a daily basis. In this environment we sometimes lose sight of the benefits of what we can gain through the act of negation and when the occasion calls, it's possible to find new meaning or a new form of enjoyment. In the world of critical analysis, scholastic thinkers capitalized on a similar idea called the via negativa; judging the veracity of a proposition by what can be positively denied. Distilled Interaction was conceived through this lens by executing the idea in one of many ways; the experience of food consumption. Like Lars Von Trier's experiment in "The Five Obstructions", I sought a particular culinary process and user experience a bit in the realm of the inexplicable; why not jello?

Methods + Reactions

We've all made jello before, but what if the homogeneity of its virtually nondescript form and texture was also applied to its chroma? Each flavor would have no distinguishable relationship to its appearance. I had free reign to do anything I wanted and so I made eight mystery flavors. The reactions of the participants were varied; some reacted with relative distaste, some curiously relished in the experience, and a few were afraid to participate because of possibly tasting something very unsavory.

Project Info

  • Materials: UX, Gelatin + Flavors