avj screencap
avj screencap
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A new application that merges the usability functions of an audio visualizer with creative code platforms seamlessly through new forms of interactive networks. This project's aim was to explore and experiment with various new possibilities.

Background + Methods

It was discovered through the usability and research process that digital controllers, an instrument that many DJs have adopted, are still made with the traditional signifiers of analog equipment; sliders, nobs, combinations of both and toggles for flanging and delays. The design has worked for many years and its simplicity seems to carry over well into the digital realm. But as a usability experiment, we also want to explore haptic feedback that could possibly improve the customization and efficiency of the DJ's experience and performance. In the meantime, we began with a prototype that integrates synth modules and algorithmic visuals with newer efficient network tools such as OSC and Spacebrew.

Project Info

  • Materials: Ableton Live, openFrameworks, Spacebrew, OSC
  • In collaboration with Bobby Fata