Design application for patients

Design for Patients

Patients should be able to access their own health records easily.

Type: Web Application

Data oracle mythology

Information Oracle

An AI that divinates through binary code.

Type: Interactive Installation

Government surveillance and privacy


A project that explores the issue of government surveillance.

Type: Experimental Web Application

Algorithmic visualization with music


An exploratory piece that uses algorithmic visualizations with musical instrumentation.

Type: Experimental DJ/VJ instrument

EEG algorithmic art installation

Mind Mirror

A meditative installation that uses biometric technology.

Type: Interactive Installation

Interaction design with jellow

Distilled Interaction

An interactive exploratory piece about the experience of taste.

Type: Interactive Case Study

Data visualization projects

Data Visualization

Various data visualization projects.

Type: Print, Interactive Application

Algorithmic art projects and sketches

Algorithmic Sketches

Visualizations made with openFrameworks.

Type: Interactive Visualizations

3D print project

Protest Bomb

A conceptual 3D printed object.

Type: Experimental 3D print

Graphic design projects

Print & Motion

Graphic design and illustration pieces.

Type: Motion Graphics, Print, Typography